Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Delegate Mike Watson, A great Legislator

I would like to tell you about Delegate Mike Watson. Before I tell you about the man I respect and call my friend, let me tell you who Mike Watson is not. Mike Watson is not anti-women, and although some would like you to believe that he is on a mission to control the private and very personal decisions women make regarding their health and contraception, he is not. This distortion of his voting record is truly an injustice to the people in the Historic Triangle. I find it troubling that in lieu of debating actual fact based differences, stating falsehoods and misrepresenting facts seems to be the new normal.

The Mike Watson I know and respect is a highly effective Legislator, so effective he was named “Freshman Legislator of the Year” his first term. The Mike Watson I know works diligently with business leaders and other legislators to create jobs in our localities and as a result of his commitment, received a 100% pro-business rating and ‘Champion of Free Enterprise Award’ from the VA Chamber of Commerce in both years of his first term. In my mind one of Mike’s major accomplishments is co-founding the General Assembly’s first ever bipartisan Business Development Caucus. The key word being “bipartisan”, something most of us want to see a lot more of.

I respect a person’s right to agree or disagree with a candidate; that IS politics. But let’s stick to the facts pertaining to the individual candidates and leave the national party talking points in the mail box.

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