Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Full Cup On Mothers Day

This cup of life overflows with the rich flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain, a coffee I save for only the most special occasions. This particular occasion was a combination of the expected and unexpected. As expected, the four years in the making college graduation of our youngest daughter went off with all of the traditional feelings of joy, pride and an immense sense of accomplishment. Early on all of those feelings were somewhat tempered by the reality that our oldest daughter who is currently serving in Afghanistan would not be at her sister's graduation. Like most Mother's I am my most complete when my children are with me and like thousands of Mothers who have a child serving in a war zone, I struggle with the day to day fear and anxiety of the 'what ifs.' Those feelings have become my constant companions. Even so, graduation day was filled with the celebratory gatherings complete with friends and family. The last gathering of the day involved our youngest daughter and her roommates hosting a thank you dinner for the parents. During the party a lovely bouquet of flowers arrived with a card attached for our youngest daughter. She open the card and immediately read it announcing it was from her sister. She was laughing at what the card said when suddenly her yes filled with a look of confusion and she began looking around the crowd with tears in her eyes. As I watched her, it took me a moment to completely understand what she was looking for. As I held my breath in total disbelief I watched my youngest daughter raise her hands to her mouth as she is dissolved into tears at the sight of her older sister walking across the grass to hug her. The emotions that surged through my heart and mind at the moment I laid eyes on my child after almost a year, well they are indescribable. The surprise visit shocked all of us as she did not tell anyone she was coming just in case world events decided to alter her plans. My heart was full as I watched both of my daughters laugh together, tease each other and simply do what sisters do when they are enjoying each other. During that wonderful afternoon the thousands of miles that once separated us, were, for at least one day long gone. I knew without asking that the visit would be too short and that our oldest daughter would once again travel back to Afghanistan, however on that day I was one of the lucky Mothers who was fortunate to have her children in front of her sharing a wonderful family occasion. As Mothers Day approaches I wish all Mothers a happy Mothers Day and ask that each of us takes a moment to remember our brave soldiers who serve in far away places, as well as their Mothers who wait for their safe return while silently loving and supporting them here at home.

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