Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Art of Manipulation

Today's Cup of Life pours a steaming cup of a rich, simmering Italian Roast. I like this brand occasionally and always wonder why I am so indecisive about this blend. I just can't quite make a decision about it really the right blend for me? After my first sip I remember why I vacillated in the first place. The blend manipulates one to think that it is going to have a somewhat bold, yet rewarding flavor. But no! The flavor is bitter, even with cream, far too strong for my liking. Now I remember why I vacillate over the Italian Roast. It just isn't what it claims to be and it manipulated me once again. The question becomes what to do with the bitter tasting pot of Italian Roast? Finding myself in this situation once before I unfortunately acted on pure emotions and threw the full pot of bitter Italian Roast out. I immediately regretted that. After all I am not a wasteful person and once committed, I complete a task. So, here I sit on this beautiful morning listening to the birds sing the first songs of the day, staring at an almost full pot of bitter Italian Roast. Damn coffee! The bitter Italian Roast is really an Espresso in disguise. After contemplating the pros and cons of once again finding myself taken in by the bitter Italian Roast, I have decided to beat it at its own game. Not only will I drink the bitter pot of Italian Roast, I will enjoy it and quite possibly drink it every day for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Take Back the Dialogue

Today's Cup of Life is brewed in a Bodum French Press. The coffee beans are rich in color and aroma, and only after the boiling water covers the beans, do they succumb to the heat and gradual pressure of the Press. My most recent venture into local politics could be described the same way. As I continue to reflect on the situation I keep going back to the comment of "Just wait until us media types drag you through the muck." Why would that be the first thought that came to a reporter? Why wouldn't a reporter want to know what my views were on growth, or the deficit our public schools face thanks to an inflated retirement system; would I vote to tax or not to tax? And why not ask the toxic questions about my views on the most recent mausoleum issue? The preoccupation with my voting record was of greater concern to all parties involved. Perhaps the reason I find the lack of interest in how I might affect change so completely baffling is because I am what we fly fishers call a "naturalist", rather a fisher who wades into the stream with fly rod in hand and flys that mirror the hatch of the day, empowered with nothing more than the desire to learn how the fish thinks and sustains itself. I do this not because the ultimate goal is to catch and release the fish, instead it's the desire to respectfully understand how another creature functions in its environment. To me this thought process is the only way to fully engage in anything in a meaningful and successful manner. We must understand and respect one another. Whether I vote for a Democrat or a Republican has very little influence on how I function in my environment. To know me is to know that I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a niece, a cousin and a business woman. The sum of those honors is what drives me. Politically speaking I suspect the summation of my environment was never going to be based on understanding or respect or what was in the communities best interest. Sadly, I believe the media has a very different agenda for those they perceive as conservatives. My Cup of Life point of view is that the media not only controls the pressure inside the French Press, but also the heat and especially the type of bean. It's time we take back control of the political dialogue so that it is fair, impartial and most importantly in our communities best interest.